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The only arena rake that can be pulled by a pickup with Professional Results!

Welcome to! High Quality arena rakes and arena drags for commericial and small acerage use. The 8 ft. arena rakes we design can be pulled by a 4 x 4 pickup! This is an all original, unique design handcrafted in our shop in SD.

For Small Acerage OR Commercial Operations - Professional Results!


Arena Rakes and Arena Drags
This arena rake is the one you've been searching for - Levels, rips the hard pan & resets the ground both below and on the surface. These arena rakes have been used at many horse events, shows and personal arenas. The arena rakes can also have watering units mounted on them for watering the arena.
  • 2 Different Widths - 8 ft or 10 ft (8 ft can be pulled by a pickup)
  • 3 Different Adjustments - Mechanical, Electric over Hydraulic (12 volt can plug into pickup) or All Hydraulic
  • Available with or without the watering unit
  • Recommended Horsepower - 10 ft wide 75HP+; 8 ft wide 45 HP+
Arena Rake being pulled by a pickup
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